The following workshops will be co-located with the SAFECOMP 2015 conference.


The main goals of the workshop are to:

  • explore techniques for the creation and assessment of assurance cases for software-intensive systems
  • examine the role of assurance cases in the engineering lifecycle of critical systems
  • identify the dimensions of effective practice in the development and evaluation of assurance cases
  • investigate the relationship between dependability techniques and assurance cases
  • identify critical research challenges and define a roadmap for future development.

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This workshop at SAFECOMP follows already its own tradition since 2006. In the past, it focussed on the conventional type of “embedded systems”, covering all dependability aspects (in the meaning of IFIP WG 10.4, defined by Avizienis, Lapries, Kopetz, Voges and others). To emphasize more the relationship to physics, mechatronics and the notion of interaction with a somehow unpredictable environment, the terminology changed to “cyber-physical systems and systems-of-systems”.

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The purpose of the ISSE’15 Workshop is to share ideas, experiences and solutions to concretely combine or integrate safety and security engineering activities. Industrials are also invited to provide feedback on applying both safety and security verification techniques in their context. This workshop will also encourage discussions about issues and opportunities to apply safety and security co‐engineering.

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ReSA4CI 2015

This workshop aims at providing a forum for researchers and engineers in academia and industry to foster an exchange of research results, experiences, and products in the area of reliable, dependable and secure computing for critical systems protection from both a theoretical and practical perspective. Its ultimate goal is to envision new trends and ideas about aspects of designing, implementing, and evaluating reliable and secure solutions for the next generation critical infrastructures. Critical Infrastructures present several challenges in the fields of distributed systems, dependability and security methods and approaches crucial for improving trustworthiness on ICT facilities.

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The SASSUR workshop is intended to explore new ideas on compositional and evolutionary safety assurance and certification. In particular, SASSUR will provide a forum for thematic presentations and in-depth discussions about reuse and composition of safety arguments, safety evidence, and contextual information about system components, in a way that makes assurance and certification more cost-effective, precise, and scalable.

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