The conference covers all aspects related to the development, assessment, operation and maintenance of safety-critical systems.

Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Fault tolerant architectures and mechanisms
  • Monitoring and fault prediction infrastructures
  • Risk reduction and mitigation techniques
  • Cyber-physical threats and vulnerability analysis
  • Model-based and experimental assessment of safety, reliability and security
  • Validation and verification methodologies and tools
  • Human and social aspects in safety-critical systems design and analysis
  • Methods for qualification, assurance and certification
  • Multi-actor mission-critical network systems
  • Mission-critical systems related computer hardware and software
  • Safety & security interactions and trade-offs
  • Safety & security, trust and assurance cases
  • Safety guidelines, standards and certification

Domains of application are (but not limited to):

  • Railways, automotive, aerospace and avionics
  • Chemical and nuclear technologies
  • Telecommunications and networks
  • Critical infrastructures, smart grids, SCADA
  • Medical devices in healthcare or homecare
  • Defence, emergency & rescue
  • Logistics, production automation and robotics
  • Education & training

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